Top 10 Best Perch Lures Reviewed

Best Perch Lures

Anglers with experience in perch fishing are well aware that perch are opportunistic feeders, willing to strike at almost anything. However, there are specific lures that can entice bites on slower days and elicit more aggressive strikes on favorable days.

The following list of 10 perch fishing lures is designed to cater to various fishing styles, allowing you to select the ones that best suit your needs.



TOP 10 Best Perch Lures


Acme Kastmaster

Best Perch Lures


  • Durable Aluminum Body
  • Versatile Sling Mounts
  • Inline Bolt System

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that even the most effective perch fishing lures do not guarantee a 100% success rate. Therefore, it is advisable to have a selection of perch fishing baits at your disposal. This way, you can easily switch between them if one lure fails to produce results on a particular day.

1. Acme Kastmaster

Acme Kastmaster

Let’s start with the Acme Kastmaster, which is arguably one of the most versatile lures of all time. Seasoned anglers often have this lure in their tackle box, as it proves effective for various fish species. Not only is it versatile, but its solid brass construction ensures exceptional durability. Additionally, its streamlined body design enables long and accurate casts, further establishing its reputation as a top-notch lure.

It’s worth noting that the Acme Kastmaster is not limited to perch fishing alone. In fact, it has the potential to contend for the title of the best overall lure, regardless of the targeted fish species.

2. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow

Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow

The Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow is another lure that holds a special place in the hearts of many anglers due to its remarkable versatility. It is highly regarded for its visual appeal and adaptability, making it a favorite among anglers.

Similar to the Acme Kastmaster, the Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow is a reliable choice when unsure of which lure to use for a particular fish. Its effectiveness is almost guaranteed. Furthermore, since minnows are a primary food source for perch, the Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow proves to be doubly effective for targeting this species.

Yellow perch, in particular, are highly sought after by perch fishermen, and it’s worth noting that the Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow ranks among the best lures for yellow perch.

3. Rapala Jigging Rap

Rapala Jigging Rap

The Rapala Jigging Rap earns a well-deserved spot on the list as the ultimate lure for perch jigging. As is characteristic of all Rapala lures, the Jigging Rap exhibits exceptional action, capable of enticing even the most cautious perch into striking. Its design is specifically crafted to resemble a minnow, adding to its allure and effectiveness. When it comes to jigging, this lure stands out among the rest.

Alternatively, for anglers targeting yellow perch, there is also a variation of the Jigging Rap that mimics the appearance of a yellow perch. Since yellow perch prey on their own species, opting for the yellow perch version of this lure can prove fruitful. However, considering that yellow perch also feed on minnows, the minnow version of the Jigging Rap can also be a successful choice for yellow perch fishing.

4. Rapala Shad Rap

Rapala Shad Rap

The Rapala Shad Rap, another exceptional lure from Rapala, possesses unmatched ability in mimicking a wounded minnow. Whether you’re navigating your boat at a leisurely pace or speeding along, this lure maintains a natural swimming motion that entices perch to bite.

Enhancing its allure is the super realistic color scheme, which further entices the curiosity of perch and makes it incredibly difficult for them to resist taking a bite. The combination of lifelike movement and attractive appearance makes the Rapala Shad Rap an irresistible choice for targeting perch.

5. Berkley Gulp! Minnow

Berkley Gulp! Minnow

At first glance, the Berkley Gulp! Minnow may appear unassuming, but any perch that falls for its bait will find it impossible to let go.

This lure employs a water-based formula that perfectly replicates the taste of live minnows. Once a perch takes a bite, it becomes convinced that the lure is an actual minnow and is unlikely to release the free meal. As a result, when you feel a tug on the line, the perch is essentially already caught, making for a successful and rewarding fishing experience.

6. Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worms

Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worms

Berkley is renowned for its irresistible scents, and the Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worms live up to this reputation. PowerBait is Berkley’s exclusive scent formula that entices fish to hold onto the hook for a remarkable 18 times longer. Combining this scent with the fact that perch have a fondness for worms, the Power Honey Worms lure becomes an essential tool for perch fishing.

Furthermore, this lure proves particularly effective for yellow perch fishing since yellow perch have a strong inclination towards consuming mealworms. Therefore, the Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worms are highly recommended for targeting yellow perch as well.

7. Mepps Aglia Spinner

Mepps Aglia Spinner

Moving on to the next lure, the Mepps Aglia Spinner is highly visible to perch even from a distance. The constant spinning action of this lure creates a captivating flash that is hard to miss. It acts like a beacon of light, continuously spinning and attracting perch towards it. While it may not produce as noticeable a flash as the Acme Kastmaster, it still possesses a level of versatility due to its ability to emit flashes.

The Mepps Aglia Spinner serves as an excellent choice for perch fishing, enticing these fish with its engaging movement and visual appeal.

8. Marabou Jig

Marabou Jig

From the moment you set eyes on the Marabou Jig, you’ll immediately notice the exceptionally bright and vibrant color options it offers. These vibrant colors play a crucial role in maximizing the visibility of your lure, increasing the chances of attracting more perch.

Furthermore, every aspect of this artificial bait, including the hook and jig head, has been meticulously designed to specifically appeal to perch. The Marabou Jig stands out as an outstanding choice, particularly for those seeking a hair jig tailored for perch fishing. Rest assured, selecting the Marabou Jig will prove to be a wise decision when targeting these fish.

9. Clam Leech Flutter Spoon

Clam Leech Flutter Spoon

Designed specifically for harsh icy conditions, the Clam Leech Flutter Spoon stands out as the ultimate ice fishing lure for perch. Although not evident from the picture, the materials utilized in this lure surpass the typical durability found in other lures. While it may rank lower among lures in normal conditions, when it comes to ice fishing, there is simply no better option for catching perch.

10. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

When it comes to inline spinners, the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax is unmatched in its performance. This lure combines elements of flash, action, and vibration to create an irresistible appeal. Although the picture may be slightly blurry, you can still discern the shiny surface that adds to its allure. The spinning action of this lure perfectly imitates the movement of baitfish, while the free-turning brass gear produces enticing vibrations when it rattles. These exceptional features elevate the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax above other inline spinners, making it a top choice for perch fishing.

Tips And Tricks For Catching Perch

Now that you’re equipped with knowledge about the best perch fishing lures, it’s time to embark on your perch fishing adventure. Whether you’re a beginner setting out on your first fishing trip or an experienced angler, this video provides valuable tips and tricks that are priceless when it comes to catching perch.

Final Verdict

Perch have a reputation for being opportunistic feeders, devouring a wide variety of baits, including live bait. If you’re on a budget or prefer using live bait, you can opt for capturing a few live minnows or utilizing worms available at your local park to entice perch. Live bait can be equally effective compared to lures, so it is not mandatory to exclusively rely on lures when targeting perch. However, lures tend to be less troublesome and possess flashy, colorful appearances that better attract fish.

If you’re leaning towards using a lure but find it challenging to make a decision, your safest choice would be the Acme Kastmaster. Its versatility in catching various fish species ensures that you can never go wrong with it as a reliable option.