Top 10 Best Trolling Lures Reviewed

Trolling is an exciting fishing technique that allows you to cover a significant distance and explore new areas of the sea. It’s beginner-friendly, especially when you have the right lures in your tackle box.

Trolling requires specific lures and gear that are different from traditional fishing methods. Drawing on my 20 years of fishing experience, along with my team’s expertise, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best trolling lures available. This list includes options for lake trout, bass, saltwater fishing, and offshore trolling.

Best Trolling Lures

Whether you are a seasoned angler or just starting out, this list will provide you with a wide range of choices to enhance your trolling experience.

Are you ready to dive in and explore the world of trolling lures? Let’s get started!


Trolling Tackle

When it comes to trolling, my go-to fishing rod is the St Croix Triumph Inshore 7 ft. It has proven to be my favorite choice. To complement this rod, I often use the Penn Squall II 3000 reel, which has provided me with consistent performance. However, I have also experimented with different reels and achieved varying levels of success. If you’re considering building your own trolling rod and reel setup, I can recommend some of the top trolling reels available.


Top 10 Best Trolling Lures


Acme Kastmaster Spoon

Best Trolling Lures


  • Durable Aluminum Body
  • Versatile Sling Mounts
  • Inline Bolt System

1. Acme Kastmaster Spoon

Acme Kastmaster

There is simply no match for the Acme Kastmaster when it comes to fishing lures. It is unparalleled in its ability to attract and catch fish of any species. Whether you’re targeting salmon, walleye, perch, steelhead, lake trout, or even bass, this lure delivers exceptional results.

What sets the Acme Kastmaster apart is its versatility. It excels not only in trolling but also in surf fishing, trout fishing, deep-sea angling, and more. Regardless of your preferred fishing style or the species you’re after, this lure is a perfect fit. Its dazzling flash makes it particularly effective for salmon trolling rigs. While there may be other lures that can outperform it in specific scenarios, none can match its overall versatility.

If you’re tired of the guesswork involved in selecting the right lure for each fish, the Acme Kastmaster is the ultimate solution. It eliminates the need for complicated decision-making, making it the go-to lure for all your fishing adventures.

2. Rapala Original Floating Lure

Rapala Original Floating Lure

I must admit, when it comes to trolling specifically, my preference leans toward the Rapala Original Floater rather than the Acme Kastmaster.

The Rapala Original Floater is the go-to lure for most anglers when it comes to trolling. Its lifelike wounded minnow action has a broad appeal and is highly enticing to a wide range of gamefish.

One of the aspects I appreciate about this lure is its versatility in terms of depth. Whether you’re fishing near the surface or down to a depth of 5 meters, it remains equally effective.

In terms of trolling, while the flash emitted by the Acme Kastmaster is effective, it doesn’t match up to the action produced by the Rapala Original Floater, which has a higher conversion rate. Despite this, we still rank the Acme Kastmaster first because the choice is clear when considering a lure that can perform various techniques versus a specialized trolling lure. However, if I were in need of a lure solely for trolling, there’s no doubt that I would choose the Rapala trolling lure.

3. EatMyTackle Slant Head Saltwater

EatMyTackle Slant Head Saltwater

Now, let’s talk about the ultimate choice for the top skirted lure in trolling – the EatMyTackle Slant Head.

Skirted lures are designed to replicate the movements of fleeing bait fish, creating a highly tempting target for predatory fish. The combination of lifelike action and captivating colors makes skirted lures incredibly hard to resist, especially for larger species like lake trout.

When it comes to skirted lures, the EatMyTackle Slant Head stands out as the absolute best option available. Its ability to mimic the movements of an injured bait fish is simply irresistible to gamefish. Moreover, this lure is built to withstand powerful strikes, ensuring its durability even in challenging fishing conditions.

For anglers seeking the most effective and reliable skirted lure for trolling, the EatMyTackle Slant Head is the go-to choice. Its exceptional performance and ability to entice fish make it a top contender in the market.

4. Spro White Bucktail Jig

Spro White Bucktail Jig

Let’s now move on to another noteworthy lure, the Spro White Bucktail Jig, which always finds its place in my tackle box for trolling expeditions.

What sets the Spro White Bucktail Jig apart is its unique characteristic of not spinning. Instead, it maintains a straight trolling path just below the water’s surface, creating a popping motion as you troll it. This action imitates the movement of a retreating crayfish, which proves highly enticing to a variety of game fish. I have had great success using this lure to attract bull dolphins and tuna, among others.

Undoubtedly, the Spro White Bucktail Jig has earned a spot among my favorite lures for trolling larger game fish. Its ability to simulate the behavior of prey and its consistent performance make it a reliable choice for any angler seeking to target larger species during trolling outings.

5. Rapala X-Rap Magnum 30

Rapala X-Rap Magnum 30

Now, let’s dive into a lure that truly embodies lifelikeness.

At first glance, it’s evident that this lure is astonishingly realistic. Its lifelike appearance is unparalleled, setting a new standard for authenticity.

However, lifelikeness is not solely about visual appeal; it also encompasses how a lure moves in the water. While numerous companies have produced lures with exceptional visual realism, none have been able to replicate the distinctive lure action that Rapala is renowned for.

Experienced anglers are well aware that every Rapala lure is meticulously designed to mimic the natural swimming motion of real fish. In particular, the Rapala X-Rap Magnum 30 showcases a frenzied baitfish illusion through its sharp, erratic movements. This lifelike action proves more effective in attracting fish than even live bait.

In summary, if you’re targeting fish species that are drawn to distressed prey, the Rapala X-Rap Magnum 30 is the ideal lure for you. Its lifelike appearance and enticing movement make it a game-changing choice in your tackle box.

6. Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk

Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk

The Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk boasts a distinctive feature: its loud and rhythmic vibrations that are unmatched in the fishing world.

Equipped with a precisely tuned internal rattle chamber, this lure generates the most powerful vibrations you can find. Its reverberations are so pronounced that anything nearby won’t be able to ignore its presence.

What makes these vibrations even more effective is their rhythmic pattern, carefully designed to mimic natural movements. This ensures that fish won’t suspect any foul play. There are times when you need something noisy to entice fish into biting, and during such moments, you’ll be grateful to have the Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk in your arsenal.

With its exceptional vibratory performance, this lure proves to be a game-changer when you need to make a bold statement underwater. The combination of noise and rhythm makes it a go-to choice for any angler seeking to attract fish with confidence.

7. Yo-Zuri Bonita

Yo-Zuri Bonita

If you’re in search of the most durable trolling lure on the market, your quest ends here.

This exceptional lure boasts an array of robust features, including flat forged stainless steel hooks, stainless steel ball-bearing swivels, and Yo-Zuri’s patented Powerbody.

While the specifics of flat forging and Powerbody may elude me, the use of stainless steel ensures unparalleled toughness. The durability of the hooks and swivels is something to be reckoned with, as stainless steel is renowned for its strength.

As for the Power body, its effectiveness became evident to me when I successfully landed sizable striped tuna without a single tooth mark on the lure. The Powerbody proves to be equally resilient in the face of challenging fishing conditions.

Without a doubt, the Yo-Zuri Bonita emerges as the ultimate choice for anglers seeking a rugged and long-lasting lure. Its durability will withstand the test of time, making it an ideal companion for years to come. Saltwater anglers will especially appreciate its toughness and even those pursuing freshwater fish will find great value in its unwavering strength.

8. Nomad Design DTX Minnow

Nomad Design DTX Minnow

If you’re seeking a lure that can dive exceptionally deep, even at high speeds, look no further than the Nomad Design DTX Minnow. This remarkable lure stands among the best options available for trolling at significant depths.

The DTX Minnow is engineered for durability, capable of reaching depths exceeding 40 feet when trolled at speeds of 6-8 knots. Impressively, this lure can maintain its straight swimming action even when trolled at a rapid 12 knots.

Few lures can rival the DTX Minnow’s ability to reach such depths while maintaining stability and enticing fish. Anglers who aim to troll at speeds greater than 6 knots should give serious consideration to adding this exceptional lure to their collection.

With its remarkable depth capability and unwavering swimming performance, the Nomad Design DTX Minnow emerges as a top choice for those seeking to troll at high speeds and target fish dwelling in deep waters. Its reliability and effectiveness make it a valuable asset for any angler’s tackle box.

9. Mann’s Stretch 40

Mann’s Stretch 40

While the DTX Minnow was designed to excel at trolling deep waters at high speeds, the Mann’s Stretch 40 is specifically crafted for slower speeds.

Similar to the DTX Minnow, the Mann’s Stretch 40 has the capability to dive even deeper than 40 feet. However, it achieves optimal depth performance at around 4 knots. Going faster than this speed will compromise the desired depth.

It’s important to note that 4 knots is still a respectable trolling speed, although it may seem slower when compared to the DTX Minnow. The Mann’s Stretch 40 is built with heavy-duty plastic construction and thick walls, ensuring a sturdy and durable lure.

When choosing between the DTX Minnow and the Mann’s Stretch 40, the decision lies between speed and durability. If you prefer trolling at higher speeds, the DTX Minnow is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you opt for slower speeds, the Mann’s Stretch 40 will prove to be the robust lure that can withstand the rigors of vigorous saltwater fishing.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your preferred trolling style and the specific fishing conditions you encounter.

10. Williamson Speed Pro Deep

Williamson Speed Pro Deep

Wrapping up our list is the impressive Williamson Speed Pro Deep. This lure adds an element of intrigue as its success can vary from day to day.

The standout feature of the Williamson Speed Pro Deep is its ability to create a captivating bubble trail as it swims through the water. I have experienced days where this lure has yielded remarkable results, filling my cooler in a short amount of time. However, there are also days when the action is slower and the fish are less responsive.

The key factor lies in whether the fish are enticed by the bubble trail or not. Regardless, it’s always worth giving it a try. On the days when you strike gold, you can return home within an hour with a cooler full of tuna, wahoos, and other prized catches.

The Williamson Speed Pro Deep presents an enticing opportunity to attract fish with its unique bubble trail. While its effectiveness may fluctuate, the potential rewards make it a worthwhile addition to your trolling arsenal. With some luck, you may enjoy unforgettable fishing trips and return with bountiful catches.

How To Troll With The Different Lures

Now that you have your desired lure in mind, let’s delve into the trolling techniques for each of the lures mentioned.

Starting with the Acme Kastmaster, most spoons perform best at speeds above 1.5 knots. The ideal trolling speed typically falls within the range of 1.7 to 2.2 knots. However, it’s worth noting that some anglers have experienced great success trolling the Acme Kastmaster at 3 knots, so don’t hesitate to experiment with slightly higher speeds.

Moving on to the Rapala Original Floater, a trolling speed between 0.7 and 1.5 knots usually hits the sweet spot. However, there are instances when the speed can increase to a range of 1.7 to 2.6 knots. In rare cases, a minimum speed of 3.5 knots may be required for optimal performance. Start at a slower speed and gradually increase until you find the sweet spot for your specific fishing conditions.

For skirted lures like the EatMyTackle Slant Head, a trolling speed between 5 and 8 knots is generally effective. Within this range, skirted lures will exhibit a skipping motion above the water’s surface every few seconds. It’s important to note that I have not encountered a need to go beyond this 5-8 knots range, so it is advised to troll within this recommended speed range.

When it comes to bucktail jigs, the optimal trolling range tends to be between 2 and 4 knots. Within this speed range, the bucktail jig will create significant commotion as it moves through the water, enticing fish with its action.

Finally, for deep diving lures, a trolling speed of 4 to 9 knots is typically appropriate. It’s important to acknowledge the wider range here because “deep” can refer to various depths, ranging from 20 feet to over 40 feet.

To summarize, faster trolling speeds generally result in more aggressive lure actions, while slower speeds produce more subtle actions. Adjust your trolling speed according to the desired action you want your lure to exhibit, and take into consideration the specific trolling range recommended for each lure. Experimentation and adapting to the fishing conditions will help you find the optimal speed for a successful trolling experience.

Final Verdict

Trolling is truly a remarkable fishing technique. It offers a unique experience of relaxation, with the refreshing ocean breeze on your face as you gaze out at the expansive blue sea, all while waiting for that exciting moment when a fish takes the bait. What makes trolling even more enticing is its simplicity, making it easily accessible even for new anglers. And the best part? Trolling presents an excellent opportunity to hook trophy fish with relative ease.

With so much enjoyment to be had, returning home empty-handed is the last thing anyone wants. We understand your desire for success, and that’s why we have conveniently compiled this list of the best trolling lures for you. Our intention is to help you catch more fish and ensure that you never leave disappointed.

We sincerely hope that these artificial lures prove to be incredibly effective in your trolling adventures. May they bring you plenty of fish and immense joy as you engage in this exhilarating fishing technique. Happy trolling!