Top 13 Best Trout Lures Reviewed

Best Trout Lures

Welcome to my review of the top trout lures available!

No matter where you are in the world, it’s highly likely that the nearest fishing spot to you holds a few trout. With the wide range of trout species and habitats, these captivating fish can be found in almost any corner of the globe.

However, not all trout are created equal in terms of their skittishness or timidity. For instance, brook trout tend to be more cautious. That’s precisely why it’s crucial to have a diverse selection of trout fishing lures at your disposal. This way, you can ensure that you won’t return home empty-handed, regardless of the trout you encounter.

Keeping that in mind, here are the top 13 trout lures available. Whether you’re facing cloudy weather, cold conditions, or even engaging in surf fishing, we have you covered.



Top 13 Best Trout Lures

Panther Martin Inline Spinner
  • Durable Aluminum Body
  • Versatile Sling Mounts
  • Inline Bolt System

1. Panther Martin Inline Spinner

Panther Martin Inline Spinner

Starting with the Panther Martin Inline Spinner.

As you can see from the picture, the blade is super shiny.

But the important thing is, unlike regular spinners, the blade is directly attached to the wire instead of a swivel. This makes it spin much faster and avoids twists and tangles in the line.

Because it spins so fast, it looks like a shiny fish. With the shiny blade, it catches the attention of trout better than any other spinner.

That’s why I use it as my last choice when my other spinners don’t work. It might not work for every trout, but it’s the best option when I’ve tried everything else.

2. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

Now, let’s talk about the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax, and trust me, nothing can beat its casting distance.

Just like the previous lure, it’s shiny and does a great job imitating a sparkling minnow. But here’s the thing: this lure has a special brass gear that freely turns and creates vibrations and sound, which trout find really appealing. It may not spin as fast as others, but it compensates with its vibration.

In terms of weight, it’s the heaviest inline spinner you can find. This means you can effortlessly toss it far into the water.

All things considered, with its flash, movement, vibrations, and weight, the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax stands out as the ultimate trout lure for surf fishing.

3. Mepps Aglia Spinner

Mepps Aglia Spinner

Let’s talk about the Mepps Aglia Spinner, a timeless lure that works wonders for trout, especially in bright light conditions.

Trout are quite picky when it comes to lure appearance, so it’s crucial to keep things natural. On sunny days, opt for bright-colored trout fishing lures that blend well with the water but still remain visible. Of course, this advice assumes that the water is clear. In murky water, a bright lure wouldn’t appear very natural, right?

In summary, if you’re aiming to catch trout on a sunny day with clear water, there’s no lure better suited for the job than the Mepps Aglia Spinner.

4. Wordens Rooster Tail Spinner

Wordens Rooster Tail Spinner

Now, let’s discuss the Wordens Rooster Tail Spinner, an ideal choice for cloudy days and murky water conditions.

This lure offers a range of dark color combinations, including an all-black option. You can select from various dark colors that match the murkiness of the water and the cloudy weather.

If you encounter clear water with cloudy weather, prioritize the water clarity when choosing your lure. Opt for a slightly less bright color to accommodate the cloudy conditions, while still ensuring the lure maintains a vibrant appearance. Similarly, in murky water during sunny days, choose a dark-colored lure that is somewhat less intense, but still stands out.

5. Rebel Wee-Crawfish

Rebel Wee-Crawfish

Let’s begin with the Rebel Wee-Crawfish, a top choice for enticing large trout species like lake trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout, as crawfish are their favorite food.

When targeting big trout, such as lake trout, it’s crucial to present them with a crawfish or a lure that imitates one. In terms of lifelikeness, the Rebel Wee-Crawfish reigns supreme.

This lure’s wobbling motion closely resembles a fleeing crawfish, luring trout to venture forth and seize a delectable meal. Even the most cautious and skittish trout won’t be able to resist such an enticing treat.

While not all trout are fond of crawfish, for those that are, this lure guarantees enticing bites.

6. Rapala Original Floating Minnow

Rapala Original Floating Minnow

During colder days, when the typical prey for trout such as worms, crawfish, and insects enter a dormant state, trout primarily rely on minnows as their main source of food. The Rapala Original Floating Minnow bears a remarkable resemblance to real minnows, thanks to its lifelike design. Moreover, its proven Rapala action ensures your success in catching winter trout.

7. Strike King Bitsy Tube Jig

Strike King Bitsy Tube Jig

Up until now, we’ve talked about lures for trout fishing in the upper and middle parts of the water. Now, let’s talk about a lure designed specifically for fishing near the bottom.

Experienced fishermen know that tube jigs are great for catching fish that hang out near the bottom of the water. But the Strike King Bitsy Tube is not just any ordinary tube jig.

This tube jig has a lot of salt in it. This not only helps attract trout to bite, but it also makes sure that once they bite, they won’t let go.

It’s a good idea to have one of these in your fishing gear, especially when the trout are hiding near the bottom on a particular day.

8. Acme Kastmaster

Acme Kastmaster

Without exaggeration, the Acme Kastmaster stands as the most versatile lure worldwide. Its captivating flash and action are simply impossible to overlook. Unless a trout lacks sight entirely, it is bound to notice this lure.

Moreover, the Acme Kastmaster proves effective not only for trout but also for musky, salmon, pike, bass, and essentially any fish that possesses vision.

9. Acme Phoebe

Acme Phoebe

The Acme Kastmaster is indeed a versatile lure suitable for various fish species. However, when it comes to trout, the Acme Phoebe was specifically designed with them in mind.

As we discussed earlier, minnows become a crucial food source for trout during colder weather. What sets the Acme Phoebe apart is not only its eye-catching flash but also its striking resemblance to a shiny minnow. This dual feature makes it exceptionally effective. In fact, among all the spoons available, the Acme Phoebe stands out as the top choice for ice fishing and attracting trout.

10. Berkley Power Floating Trout Worm

Berkley Power Floating Trout Worm

At the top of our list is the Berkley Power Floating Trout Worm, a lure that carries the reputable Berkley brand known for its irresistible scents. True to its PowerBait name, this lure lives up to expectations.

Berkley’s PowerBait scent is simply the best available. Its unmatched ability to attract trout through smell is remarkable.

Moreover, the PowerBait flavor not only entices trout to bite but also gets released into the water as they continue to nibble on it. This gradual release disperses the scent, intensifying its concentration in the water. As a result, trout find it even more challenging to resist the alluring scent.

11. Mister Twister Teenie Curly Tail Grub

Mister Twister Teenie Curly Tail Grub

While curl tail grubs may not be considered deadly to trout, they serve as a valuable addition to any angler’s gear due to their versatility. Depending on the speed and action applied, these grubs can imitate both worms and baitfish effectively.

Thanks to their vibrant and natural colors, as well as their durability, this lure holds a special place among my personal favorites for trout fishing.

12. Trout Magnet

Trout Magnet

If you’re looking to stock up on fishing lures for trout fishing in the coming years, the Trout Magnet Neon Kit is your go-to solution.

As the name suggests, this kit includes a whopping 70 trout magnets in the form of grub bodies. With the affordable price tag comparable to just a couple cups of coffee, this kit provides the ideal way to make the most out of a tight budget.

13. Rapala X-Rap

Rapala X-Rap

Lastly, we have the Rapala X-Rap, which stands as the ultimate jerkbait for trout due to its remarkable flash and action.

In addition to its hyper-realistic design, this lure emits an impressive amount of flash that can easily catch the attention of trout. What truly distinguishes it from other jerkbaits, however, is its action. The Rapala X-Rap showcases a hard-cutting and aggressive darting action, making it the most erratic among all jerkbaits. If trout are in search of something unpredictable and erratic, this lure is guaranteed to deliver and won’t disappoint.

Best Lure Types For Trout

Here are more detailed breakdowns of what makes each lure type so effective for trout.

Inline Spinners

Inline spinners, also known as spinners, are highly effective in catching trout. It’s important for new anglers to differentiate between inline spinners and spinnerbaits, as they are two distinct types of fishing lures. One easy way to distinguish them is by the number of blades they have: inline spinners have one blade, while spinnerbaits have two.

Inline spinners produce a significant amount of flash as their blade spins while moving through the water. This flash is what grabs the attention of fish and entices them to bite.

Once again, the shiny appearance of inline spinners resembles that of minnows, which is a key factor that drives trout to strike at these lures.


Crankbaits come in two types: lipless and billed/lipped. Billed or lipped crankbaits have a transparent, duck-like beak at the front, while lipless crankbaits lack this feature.

Both types have their own purposes and neither is inherently superior for trout fishing. However, interestingly enough, the two most effective crankbaits for trout happen to be lipped.

These fishing lures are typically designed to mimic specific prey species that trout target. The wobbling action produced by crankbaits effectively imitates the movement of baitfish, enticing fish to strike and take the bait.


Jigs are designed to replicate the erratic swimming pattern of injured baitfish, making them highly effective lures for targeting larger fish, including giants.

However, it’s worth noting that jigs are not limited to big fish alone, as they can also be successful in attracting smaller species like brook trout. Even when a brook trout isn’t particularly hungry, it’s unlikely to pass up a free meal, resulting in a relatively high success rate when using jigs.


Spoons hold the distinction of being the shiniest lures available, relying solely on flash to capture the attention of fish.

Their design allows spoons to wobble and dart in the water when being retrieved, effectively imitating the movements of injured baitfish.

In summary, spoons attract fish through the flash they emit, drawing their gaze, and then entice them to bite with their enticing action.

Soft Plastics

Soft plastic lures bring about a significant departure from the traditional hard-bodied lures by offering soft bodies. This characteristic provides a notable advantage – the ability to incorporate scent and flavor.

Soft plastics come in various forms, including worms, crawfish, and frogs, among others. Regardless of the specific form, the flexibility of the soft bodies allows for more realistic actions. When combined with the added appeal of scent and flavor, soft plastics become a must-have lure in your tackle box, regardless of the species you are targeting.

However, it’s important to note that while soft plastics offer distinct advantages, they may not necessarily be the best lure type for every situation. Each lure type has its own purpose. For instance, a soft plastic minnow may exhibit a more lifelike action, but its colors may not appear as realistic as those of a minnow crankbait.


I understand your classification of PowerBait as a lure type on its own, given its distinct and potent scent. While PowerBait is typically considered a feature of a lure rather than a separate lure type, its powerful scent sets it apart from other fishing lures within the same category.

It’s important to note that PowerBait can also refer to dough bait versions. However, you didn’t include them in your list, as they rely solely on smell and flavor, while you believe that sight and sound are crucial in attracting fish. This preference explains why you are not a fan of dough trout bait.

For those unfamiliar with PowerBait, it is a scent developed by Berkley after years of research and development. This scent has garnered a cult following for its exceptional effectiveness. Berkley’s PowerBait is renowned as the most productive scent available, with no other scent quite matching its ability to entice fish to bite and hold on.

Final Verdict

Catching trout can be a rewarding experience, especially when equipped with the right lures. The selection of 13 lures mentioned earlier ensures you are prepared for any fishing day and various conditions.

However, it’s important to pair your lures with high-quality trout fishing tackle. To complement your choice of lures, here are some recommendations for the best trout fishing rods and reels. Having the appropriate gear will enhance your chances of a successful trout fishing outing.