Why Are Paintballs Falling Out Of My Barrel? | Here’s Why

Paintball is an exciting sport that involves strategy, teamwork, and adrenaline. One of the most important components of the game is the paintball gun, which shoots small, round capsules filled with paint. However, if you’ve noticed that your paintballs are falling out of the barrel, it can be a frustrating experience that hinders your gameplay. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why paintballs may fall out of the barrel and how you can fix this issue.


2. What causes paintballs to fall out of the barrel?

Several factors can cause paintballs to fall out of the barrel, including low-quality paintballs, barrel bore size, dirty or damaged barrels, firing at an incorrect angle, firing too quickly, and over-gassed markers.

3. Low-quality paintballs

One of the most common causes of paintballs falling out of the barrel is low-quality paintballs. These paintballs may be misshapen or have inconsistent sizes, which can prevent them from fitting snugly into the barrel. To avoid this issue, always purchase high-quality paintballs from reputable manufacturers.

4. Barrel bore size

Another reason why paintballs may fall out of the barrel is the size of the barrel bore. If the bore is too large, the paintballs may not fit tightly enough, which can cause them to fall out. On the other hand, if the bore is too small, the paintballs may become stuck, which can cause breaks and other issues. Make sure to use a barrel that is appropriately sized for your paintballs to prevent this problem.

5. Dirty or damaged barrel

A dirty or damaged barrel can also cause paintballs to fall out. Dirt, debris, or other obstructions can prevent the paintballs from fitting snugly into the barrel, while scratches or other damage can cause the balls to catch or snag. To prevent this issue, make sure to clean your barrel regularly and inspect it for any damage.

6. Firing at an incorrect angle

The angle at which you fire your paintball gun can also impact whether or not the paintballs stay in the barrel. If you’re firing at too steep of an angle, the paintballs may roll out of the barrel before they can be propelled by the air. Try adjusting your firing angle to see if this fixes the issue.

7. Firing too quickly

Firing your paintball gun too quickly can also cause paintballs to fall out of the barrel. If you’re shooting too rapidly, the air pressure may not have enough time to build up behind the paintball, causing it to fall out. Try firing at a slower pace to see if this resolves the issue.

8. Over-gassed marker

Finally, an over-gassed marker can also cause paintballs to fall out of the barrel. If there is too much pressure behind the paintball, it can force the ball out of the barrel prematurely. Adjust your marker’s pressure to ensure that it is not over-gassed.

9. Conclusion

In conclusion, paintballs falling out of the barrel can be a frustrating issue for paintball players. However, by understanding the common causes of this problem, you can take steps to prevent it from happening. Make sure to use high-quality paintballs, an appropriately sized barrel, and keep your equipment clean and well-maintained. Additionally, adjust your firing angle and pace to ensure that the paintballs are propelled by air properly. By following these tips, you can enjoy a more seamless and enjoyable paintball experience.

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